The Veggroom Story​​​

Grow your own food anywhere! Designed in Hong Kong.

Fill your home/indoor space with greenery

Grow your own food

We believe anyone can produce fresh food at home! Not only can people enjoy fresh, healthy and safe vegetables anytime, but growing vegetables is also becoming the new generation in home decor!

Veg-groom promotes growing your own food by making convenient products that suit a busy working lifestyle and those who are looking for an easy solution to growing vegetables.

By choosing Veg-groom, you contribute to reduced food miles, pesticide-free farming, water efficiency, waste reduction, biodiversity preservation, and educational opportunities. Embrace sustainability, nourish your body, and Veg-groom your house for a greener future!


Enjoy nutritious food and Veg-groom your house!

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Why I started​

Founder's Story​

I have always loved growing food. From my childhood days of hydroponically cultivating salad greens and herbs indoors, to now, growing vegetables has become an integral part of my life.

In envisioning the future, I see cities adorned with urban food gardens in every conceivable space – homes, offices, restaurants, rooftops, clubhouses, gardens, and public areas. The integration of interior and architectural design with indoor gardens will become the norm.

In this future, fresh food will flourish everywhere, enabling people to savor the delights of nutritious produce at any time and any place. Fresh food will be easily accessible. The need for food transportation will diminish, resulting in a significant reduction in our carbon footprint. The cityscape will be transformed into a vibrant tapestry of fresh food and lush greenery!

My aspiration is to share my love and passion for smart indoor gardening by making it more convenient, efficient, and accessible to all. Together, we can embrace the vision of growing your own food and Veg-grooming every corner of our world!

With sustainable practices at the core of our mission, we strive to minimize waste, conserve water, promote biodiversity, and empower individuals to take charge of their food sources. By fostering a culture of self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship, we can create a more resilient, nourished, and sustainable future.

Join me on this journey towards a greener tomorrow, where fresh food abounds, and the beauty of nature thrives within the concrete jungles we call home.

Warm regards,

Founder & CEO