pea and radish smoothies

Pea Shoot & Radish Smoothie

This energizing smoothie will get you started.The greatest microgreens are combined withthe sweetness of banana and mango, as wellas the tanginess of orange juice.The Pea shoots contain vitamin C, while theradish delivers folate, riboflavin, potassium,and magnesium, all of which assist tostrengthen your immune system’s fightingabilities. The micros include vitamin K as wellas detoxifying qualities. Make …

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Noodles & Pork Balls with Microgreens

Noodles & Pork Balls with Microgreens

Watercress, one of the stars of this dish, isa dark, leafy green that grows in freshwatersprings. Watercress has traditionally beenused mostly as a garnish. However, being oneof the newest superfoods, it is experiencinga return in flavor.Its resurgence is owed in part to a growingunderstanding of its high nutritional value.Watercress is strong in antioxidants andcontains vitamins …

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