Verda Garden Media Kit

We are launching our first Kickstarter project on 4th Oct 2022

Veggroom is a Hong Kong-based company that promotes growing your own food by making convenient products for those who are looking for an easy solution to grow vegetables indoors.
We are launching our first product on Kickstarter in October—Verda Garden, which is a smart indoor garden for growing vegetables and plants. It is designed with flexibility in mind, and it is modular. It works with any shelf and furniture, and it is sideways expandable.

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Verda Garden in furniture 1
Verda Garden on shelf
Veggroom Verda Garden
Verda Garden in Kitchen
verda garden as side table

Founder Story

I’ve always enjoyed growing food. I started when I was a kid by growing salad greens and herbs hydroponically indoors at my home. Growing vegetables has since become an essential part of my life.

I see a future city with urban food gardens in every place – your home, an office, a restaurant, a rooftop, a clubhouse, a garden, or any other public space. Interior design and architectural design can be integrated with indoor gardens.

Combined with renewable energy, fresh food will be grown everywhere in the future, allowing people to enjoy fresh food anytime and anywhere. The carbon footprint will be lessened as transportation of fresh food will not be necessary. The city will be filled with fresh food and greenery!

I want to share my love and passion for smart indoor gardening by making it more convenient, efficient, and accessible for everyone. Grow your own food and vegetables everywhere!


CEO and Founder


We have been working hard for this for a long time and now we are ready to show the world our invention - Verda Garden!

We have been preparing for this for almost 3 years!

It has been a long journey for product creation. We kept improving the features of the products and trying to make them as user-friendly as possible. Also, safety comes first. We have done much testing and consulted professional engineers for safety advice. For the look of the product, we have made many different designs and finally picked the one that’s the most user-friendly and liked by the people around us.

Our Journey




We’ve made the decision to create a machine that makes it simple for individuals to cultivate their own food. But launching a product is very difficult. We cannot afford to pay for expensive research, prototypes, or advertising. As a result, we submitted our application to various start-up funding sources.



After numerous failures in funding applications, we could see light at the end of the tunnel! The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, a government-supported NGO,  acknowledges our efforts and thinks we can create a product that makes the world a better place. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity. We will have enough funding to support our research, development, and crowdfunding promotion.



More research, testing, and prototyping are needed!

We tested and researched numerous indoor gardens that already exist. We have also listened to a variety of people’s ideas for an indoor garden. In order to ensure that our users have the greatest possible user experience when using the Veggroom Verda Garden, we have made innumerable modifications to the product design after conducting many trials and errors.

In order to acquire technical guidance and ensure that the product is safe to use, we also sought the assistance of qualified engineers.



We have finally completed the design and are prepared for crowdfunding!

Please help us to realize this!