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Veggroom Hydroponics Indoor Vegetable Garden

◉ A hassle-free hydroponics indoor garden that helps you grow your own healthy, pesticides-free food efficiently.
◉Designed to be flexibly fit in anywhere.

The design will be revealed very soon!

Project will be live on Kickstarter in October. Stay-tuned.

Grow and Eat Microgreens!

Microgreens Subscription Grow Pack

Farm-to-Table experience !​

Self-watering! Harvest in 7-14 days!

We believe anyone can produce fresh food at home!

Veg-groom promotes growing your own food by making convenient products that suit a busy working lifestyle and those who are looking for an easy solution to growing vegetables.

We are going to launch a smart hydroponics indoor garden in late 2022. Subscribe to our newsletter and Stay-tuned!

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