Veggroom Verda Garden

The World’s Most Modular Indoor Garden.

Fully automatic smart indoor garden!
Grow your own food anywhere, anytime!

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Veggroom Verda Garden

Mission and Values

Veg-groom envisions a future city where fresh food will be grown everywhere in the future, allowing people to enjoy fresh food anytime and anywhere.

verda garden as side table

Grow more in less space

Fits on any shelf or piece of furniture. 

Turn your furniture into a vegetable farm! Veggroom Verda Garden is designed with flexibility in mind. Just remove the pillars and attach the LED grow light to the bottom of the shelf. The light system can be attached to the bottom of the shelf easily! The intensity of the light is adjustable.

Verda Garden on shelf

Sideways Expandable

Connect the grow trays with the connector. Water and nutrients flow through the grow trays! 

connect grow trays


Increase the growing capacity easily by stacking the Veggroom Verda Garden.

How we come up with this idea?

Products on the market lack the flexibility to fit in different spaces, making it difficult for people to increase their vegetable growing capacity.

Project timeline




Researching, Prototyping and Testing


Researching, Prototyping and Testing



More possibilities

verda garden in cafe
Verda Garden in furniture 1
verda garden in shelf
verda garden in shelf

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