How to regrow basil bought from supermarket?

Regrow Series

No need to grow from seeds. You can regrow basil bought from supermarket!

Grow as many basils as you want at your home!

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Why regrow basil but not just grow from seeds?

Growing basil from cuttings allows you to get a mature basil plant faster! What you need is fresh basil. You can get it from a supermarket or from an existing basil garden. The cuttings should be at least 5 cm long.

Regrow preparation

Prepare basils cuttings from supermarket.
Plucking the lower leaves of basil
Pluck off the lower leaves carefully.
Water basil in glass jar
Basil are placed into a glass jar for 2-3 weeks.
After 2 week, roots have devloped. They are ready for transplanting

No matter whether you are growing basil with soil or growing basil hydroponically, the preparation steps are the same!

Step 1: Pluck off the lower leaves carefully. There should only be 4-6 leaves at the top of the stem when you are done. Any leaves that are submerged in the water later will be rotten and dead.

Step 2: Place the cuttings in a glass of water. The bottom of the stem should be in the water.

Step 3: Place the glass in a bright location e.g. windowsill.

Step 4. Change the water once every 2-3 days.

Wait about 2-3 weeks until the roots o fthe basil cuttings have grown significantly

A. Regrow with soil

Grow basil by a wicked pot

Step 1: Prepare a pot of organic soil.

Step 2: Plant the basil in a pot filled with soil. Cover the roots completely with soil.

Tips for easy caring: You may grow with a self-watering planter and use soil with relatively higher drainage ability. It is easier for beginners to care for the plant.

C. Regrow basil hydroponically

basil hold by clay pebbles
Hold the basil upright by clay pebbles or sponges

Step 1: Prepare a Mason jar and a net cup. Fill the jar with tap water. Make sure the water level is 1-2 higher than the bottom of the net cup.

Step 2. . Add hydroponics nutrients and mix the solution well. Measure the water with EC meter. The EC level should be around 1.6-2.2.

Step 4: Cover the jar with non-transparent materials e.g. paper/towel.

Step 5: Spread the roots of the basil plant to the bottom of the net cup. Hold the basil plant upright with clay pebbles or sponges.

Step 6: Make sure the basil gets 14-18 hours of sunlight per day!

Pros of growing basil hydroponically:

  • The perfect amount of nutrients are given to the plant. The plants grow faster.

How to harvest basil?

Use a pair of scissors to cut the stem above the node of the stem. The basil that remains in the lower branches will continue to grow. Or you may also pluck off individual leaves if you are using a small amount.

Ideal environment for growing basil in soil in non-controlled environment

Light: Full sun. At least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Well-drained soil

pH: Acidic to neutral

Humidity: 40-60%

Ideal environment for growing basil hydroponically in controlled environment

Light: 14-18 hours.

EC: 1.6-2.2

pH: 6.2-6.8

Preferred Methods: Kratky, Deep water culture, Nutrient film technique.

Ideal Temperature: 21-29 °C

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