45 Watt Grow Light Only Bundle Deal – Pre-Order (Shipping Worldwide)


Grow Light Only Without Grow Tray

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45 Watt High Internsity, Easy-to-Install Grow Light


Spur Growth With Ideal Lighting.

Verda Garden Modular comes with a cutting-edge, fully automatic LED grow light that mimics the sun and shines within the most optimal light spectrum for fast and efficient growth.

Scheduled lighting

(It comes with a timer with which you can adjust the light’s duration.)

install verda garden modular grow light on the bottom of the shelf

grow light spectrum

Adjustable Light Intensity

Have you ever bought a grow light on the market but turns out your plants are not growing well?

Vegetables cannot grow well under insufficient light. Buying random grow lights/LED lights on the market to grow vegetables does not work in most cases, especially when the light position is further from the plant.

High intensity!

Unlike other grow lights on the market, our grow light is a high-quality grow light where the light intensity is strong enough (for a shelf-to-shelf distance within 50cm) for healthy vegetable growth.

No more guesswork and no more failure in growing vegetables!


Easy To Install


We recommend using screws instead of adhesive tape to install the board when using the light as a hanging light.



You can also purchase our light stand if you want to use it on a table:


What’s inside the box?

1 x Grow light +  installation board

Adhesive tapes


1 x Light hanging rope

1 x Power Plug



Size: 270mm (10.6″) x 270 mm (10.6″)

Weight/ Volume Equivalent Weight for Logistic: 3kg

Color: White

Power: 110-240V (Power cord) (We will ship the suitable plug for you according your location. If you want a specific type of plug, please specify on the checkout page.)

LED Watt: 45 watt

Material: ABS

High and uniform PPFD provides more light to get heavier yields.



Weight1.5 kg
Number of grow lights

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10


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