Veggroom Full Spectrum Automatic LED Grow Light


Indoor Plant Full Spectrum Automatic Led Grow Light – For Growing Microgreens, Vegetables, Any Plants (Height Adjustable & With Timer)


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An Easy to Use & Convenient LED Grow light for your plants! For people who would like to grow plants indoor, this Automatic Led Grow Light will work best for your plants!


【About Veggroom Led Grow Light 】

1. Automatic Light On and Off

3/9/12 hours timer setting function. The light will be automatically turned on and off everyday.

How many hours of light do my plants need?


For growing microgreens, we recommend 9/12 hours of light per day.


For growing vegetables/herbs/fruits, we recommend 12 hours of lights per day.

It really depends on the plants how many hours of light they need per day. There are short day plants and long day plants. Also, *different plants need a specific amount of light received per day to thrive. Sometimes, if the light intensity provided is higher, the plant may need a shorter light duration.


2. Adjustable Height

Veggroom LED Grow Light showing light at different levels

We recommend to to keep the light around at least 15cm away from the top of the plants.

*Please avoid the plants touching the grow light as the plants will die if they are exposed to an excessive amount of light. Please note that too much light and insufficient light will both cause poor growth of plants. There is no universal rule for setting the distance between the top of the plants and the light but it is the matter of the right amount of light reaching the plants.


3. Adjustable Light Intensity

Veggroom LED grow Light showing different light intensities

There are 4 brightness level: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.

*If your light is setting at a higher level, the light can reach a larger area of plants, but the light intensity reaching the top plants will be lower than setting the light closer to the plant. If the grow area is large, you may set the light to a higher level with higher intensity. Light for plants can be a pretty complicated topic. We will write an article on it later. Stay tuned!


4. Full Spectrum Smart Grow Light 

The light consist of white, blue and red light. The light spectrum mimics the spectrum of light from the sun. The led light provides the right spectrum of light for most plants to promote plants growth at all stages. (Wavelength: 380nm-840nm)


【Product Specification】

Energy consumption: 15W

Weight: 1.5lb

Size: 38cm*13cm*41cm(Height)

Materials: Bamboo and ABS plastic

Plugs: Hong Kong standard Plugs

Life Time: 30000 hours

Number of Led Chips: 72 pieces

Made in China


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