Microgreens Seeds – 40g (Shipping to Hong Kong Only)


10g of microgreens seeds each bottle.

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Premium seeds sourced from local seeds manufacturer.

40g of microgreens seeds each pack.


What are microgreens?

Microgreens are small vegetable greens that lie between sprouts and baby leaf vegetables in size. They are high in nutrients, and they come in a variety of flavors, colors and textures.

  • Radish – Fresh, peppery
  • Pea – Sweet, crunchy
  • Amaranth – Sweet, earthy
  • Arugula – Sweet, tangy, peppery

How to grow microgreens?

Microgreens can be grown with soil, water, cococoir or microgreens grow mat. However, we recommend growing microgreens with medium that contains nutrients for growing healthier microgreens. You may purchase the medium for growing microgreens here. You may also add nutrients if you are using other medium e.g water.

How to long does it take for microgreens to grow?

In about 7-14 days!

  • Radish – around 7 days
  • Pea – around 10 days
  • Amaranth – around 12 days
  • Arugula – around 7 days

Christmas Card



Radish, Pea, Amaranth, Arugula, 4 packets of seeds + Christmas Card + Box


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