Veggroom Grow Medium/Soil/Coco coir


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3 Types of Soil/Grow Medium


All soil/grow medium are using European & Japan sourced materials.


Veggroom Organic Vegetable Soil

  • This soil provides the right aeration and moisture ratio for your plants’ root system.
  • Organic fertilizer & lime are also added to the mixture, ensuring that your plants have abundant nutrients for the first 60 days


Excellent for growing microgreens. The moisture & aeration level is just right for microgreens germination. The soil also provides nutrients for growing healthier microgreens. This soil is the best for growing with the water wicking method as the soil will not be too wet or too dry.

Good for growing vegetables.

*There may be risk of overwatering with this soil. When the soil is kept too wet, there may be risk of root rot. If you need a soil with higher drainage, you may pick Veggroom Organic Soil Mix.



Veggroom Coco coir + Nutrients

  • Coco coir is an organic grow medium and it is manufactured using fiber that is torn from coconut shells.
  • It retains moisture and provides a good environment for plant growth.

【What’s Special about Veggroom Coco coir?】

  • Nutrients are added to grow healthier plants! The medium contains enough plant food for approximately 100 days.
  • High water holding capacity.


They have higher water holding capacity than soil. They are good for starting seeds and growing microgreens. You may also mix them with soil if you want to increase the water absorption capacity of the soil.


*There may be mold problem if they are kept too damp. We recommend you to increase the air flow by adding a little fan beside the plant if this happens. You want to keep the coco coir to be wet, but not saturated.



Veggroom Organic Soil Mix

Soil mix: Cocopeat, Burnt soil, Hyuga stone, Vermiculite, Perlite, Organic fertilizers

In contrast to Veggroom Coco coir, this organic soil mix is a high drainage soil.


【What’s Special about Veggroom Organic Soil Mix?】

  • Multiple elements are added to increase the drainage of the soil to prevent root rotting.
  • Organic fertilizers are added. Nutrients are enough for 30 days of growth of plants


Best for growing tomatoes! This soil is best for growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers. We do not recommend using this soil if you are growing with water wicking method as water cannot be absorbed efficiently.

If you are growing plants with a glass jar without hole at the jar bottom for water drainage, we recommend using this soil mix.






Grow Medium

Veggroom Organic Vegetable Soil, Veggroom Cococoir + Nutrients, Veggroom Organic Soil Mix


2.5 Litre, 5 Litre


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