Microgreens Grow Kit: Radish – peppery, spicy, fresh


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Add flavorful microgreens to your everyday meal!

Harvest in just 10 days! Easy to grow and Nohassle gardening for anyone!


Research has consistently shown that growing houseplants has a measurable impact on well-being by reducing tension and anxiety and increasing feelings of happiness.

Buy yourself or your friends and family the gift of JOY!



Microgreens are small vegetable greens that lie between sprouts and baby leaf vegetables in size. They are high in nutrients, and they come in a variety of flavors, colors and textures.


Benefits of microgreens

  • High antioxidant content
  • Contain high levels of vitamins e.g high in vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C
  • Beneficial to skin and hair


Package Including

1 x Plant pot (hips food grade plastic)

1 x Potting Mix  (100g) (Imported from the Netherlands)

1 x Seed box (3g) ( Imported from local seeds manufacturer)

1 x Watering bottle

1 x Mini garden shove

1 x Plastic film.

microgreens kit inside

How to eat microgreens?

Add on sandwiches, pastas and salads!


  • Cress – slightly peppery, slightly bitter, sweet
  • Amaranth – sweet, earthy
  • Pea – Sweet, crunchy
  • Radish – fresh, peppery


Grow kit instructions

Check out more microgreens recipes!


For bulk purchase >= 100 boxes, we offer custom designed paper bags i.e with your company logo.


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