Verda Garden Grow Stack



Verda Garden Grow Stack: Minimal-care soiless hydroponic system; water 1-2 times/month; perfect for small spaces.


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What’s in side the box?
  • Grow Shelf (Size: 350 x 270 x 460 mm)
  • Grow Tray
  • Grow Light
  • 100 mL Nutrient A, 100mL Nutrient B
  • Grow baskets x 12
  • Grow sponges x 12
  • Mizuna seeds x 1 pack (For Hong Kong customer only)










Size: 350x270x460mm

For product information, please refer to:


Number of units

1 unit: 36% Off, 2 unit: 39% Off, 3 unit: 42% Off


White Grow Tray, Beige Grow Tray


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