Verda Garden Modular + Grow Light Stand (Shipping Worldwide)


Grow food on your table/ anywhere with Verda Garden Modular!

Grow fresh vegetables anywhere!



  • Self-Watering Hydroponics. Helps Your Plants Breathe.

    Watering plants can be tricky — too much water will drown the plant, too little water will dry them out. Verda Garden Modular packs a smart watering system, which will automatically deliver the perfect amount of water and nutrients to your plants and keep them healthy at all times.

    Plants are delicate organisms that require proper oxygen levels to thrive. Verda Garden Modular packs an air pump that provides oxygen to your plants’ root system and helps your plants grow better, larger, and faster. And best of all, the pump is completely noise-free!


  • 100% Soilless, and Efficient!

It grows your garden 50% faster and can produce 30% more than traditional growing methods!

Growing in soil is inefficient and comes with a plethora of challenges. Verda Garden Modular uses a technique called hydroponics — a soil-free system that uses less water than traditional soil-based systems and optimally distributes liquid nutrients to each plant’s roots.


  • No need to worry about mosquitoes.

The tray is fully enclosed, preventing mosquitoes from reaching the water to breed.

Unlike soil, which can attract bugs and mosquitoes to breed on its moist surface.


  • This is a garden that can supply you with vegetables, not just for use as a toy like other brands.

*High and uniform PPFD provides more light to get heavier yields.


  • Multiple user-friendly designs make it easy for you to manage the garden.

– A large water reservoir reduces the watering frequency to as low as once per month. So you won’t have to worry about your plants when you’re away from home.

– Easy to water, Easy to monitor: An easy-to-use watering and nutrient adding mechanism includes a water level indicator for your convenience.

– Easy to wash: the pump can be easily removed for thorough tray cleaning. Water drainage is facilitated by the presence of a drainage hole.


  • Optimal planting distance

Ensure that plants do not compete for nutrients and light, allowing each plant to grow to its maximum potential and increase vegetable yields.

  • More nutritious food!

Grocery store vegetables have lost 30-50% of their nutrients before you finally get to eat them. That’s right: plants begin to lose nutrients as soon as they are harvested. Most produce is often harvested several weeks before it reaches store shelves. By the time it gets to your local grocery store, it has lost a lot of nutrients such as vitamin C and B-carotene.

  • Better for the planet and you!

Uses 95% less water than traditional growing methods.

  •  Enjoy fresh, pesticide-free, homegrown produce ALL YEAR ROUND. No more rotten vegetables in the fridge.


High Intensity Cutting-Edge LED Grow Light, Grow The Healthiest Vegetables!

Not a Typical Grow Light!

Verda Garden Modular comes with a cutting-edge, fully automatic LED grow light that mimics the sun and shines within the most optimal light spectrum for fast and efficient growth.

Vegetables cannot grow well under insufficient light. Buying random grow lights/LED lights on the market to grow vegetables does not work in most cases, especially when the light position is further from the plant.

Our grow light is different from most of the other grow lights or smart gardens; the light intensity of Verda Garden Modular is strong enough, and the light spectrum is ideal for the perfect growth of vegetables.

We have repeatedly tested and finally designed the ideal intensity and spectrum of grow light for the best growth of vegetables.

You can grow larger, tastier vegetables using Verda Garden Modular. 


Set customizable lighting schedules for your plants’ specific needs. (Any duration)

Usually, for most herbs and salad greens, 14–16 hours of lighting is ideal.


grow light spectrum

Grow Anything, Use Any Seeds!

– Salad greens (Harvest in 35 days)
– Various herbs (Harvest in 35 days)

You don’t need to harvest the whole plant each time; just harvest the amount you need so that you can have a herb garden at home all year round.

  • Chili peppers, cherry tomatoes (Harvest in 2-3months)
and so much more!



You have full freedom to choose any seeds, nutrients, and growing media available on the market. No expensive proprietary refills, no commitments. Your garden, your choice!


Verda Garden Modular takes care of your plants for you.  All you need to do is:

  • Add seeds and growing media
  • Add water and nutrients
  • Turn on the grow light

Then you can leave it alone for weeks! Now you’re an indoor farmer!


User friendly features:


Each level represents 1000ml, making it super easy for you to add the corresponding amount of nutrients.


Material: Wood + Metal


Height 40cm

Power: 110-240V (Power cord) (We will ship the suitable plug for you according your location. If you want a specific type of plug, please specify on the checkout page.)

LED Watt: 45 watt (High intensity grow light that allow you to grow healthy vegetables from a larger distance between the grow surface and the light)

*High and uniform PPFD provides more light to get heavier yields.

Material: ABS (Food Safe)

Certification: The Verda Garden Modular Grow Light has obtained CE certification.

CE certificate

Designed in Hong Kong

Made in China

For more product function, please refer to here.


Light Stand ONLY, Light Stand+Grow Light ONLY, Light Stand+Grow Light+Grow Tray


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