Start growing your own food! veggies & microgreens

01. Microgreens

Why you should grow microgreens at home?

Microgreens contain high nutritional value and can be grown easily indoor! Time to add these flavorful tiny plants to your dish!

What’s the flavor of microgreens?

Depending on the variety you are growing, microgreens may have a milder or more intense flavor than mature greens. 

How long do microgreens take to grow?

One of the most interesting aspects of growing microgreens is the short lead times. Of course, the germination rate depends on the type of seed you choose, but usually microgreens should be ready for harvest two to three weeks after planting. 

How to eat microgreens?

avocado microgreens bread

Microgreens can be a garnish for salads, omelet, soups, pastas, sandwiches and pizza! You can also add some to your smoothie for higher nutritional value. It can also be a side to any main dish!

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02. vegetables

Grow salad greens and herbs at home!

Growing a vegetable garden allow you to save money, stay active, and have fresh vegetables, and herbs! Enjoy a farm-to-table experience!

farm to table

I do not have have a backyard or a balcony…

I hate mosquitoes…

I do not have time to manage a garden…

Can I grow vegetables at home?

Yes, you can! All you need is an indoor smart hydroponics garden! Vegetables can be grown easily as grow conditions are all automatically being controlled. e.g Grow lights provides the spectrum of light plants need to grow.  A self watering system allow you to spend minimum amount of time to manage the garden. Also, the right amount of nutrients can be provided to the plant automatically!

While there are a variety of similar systems out there, most of them are for fun and are small in scale. Our auto-dosing system, smart watering mechanism and space-efficient design brings households safe and affordable vegetables straight from their homes. You can enjoy a completely hassle-free growing experience!

We are launching our product next year (mid 2022) ! Stay tuned!

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