Classroom Hydroponics Program

Urban Farming Education

Our hydroponics classroom program (Hong Kong Only) is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in the field of hydroponic farming. Through our STEAM program, students will learn the basic to advanced knowledge of hydroponics, including plant nutrition, water management, and system design. They will also gain practical skills in setting up and maintaining a hydroponic system.

Our Classroom Programs

Students can learn to grow their own food.

diy hydroponics

Hydroponics class

We will teach you how to grow vegetables from seeds with hydroponics. Students will learn to grow their own greens. We offer hydroponics classes ranging from the fundamentals to the advanced level.

regrow vegetables

Regrow vegetables class

We will introduce students to the possibility of regrowing vegetables and reducing food waste.

grow microgreens

Microgreens growing class

We will teach the common methods of growing microgreens.