tuna mayo microgreens sandwich

Tuna, pink Radish Sandwich

A classic tuna mayo sandwich is always a hit,
and a dash of pink radish ensures that this
lunchtime delight tastes as wonderful as it
And you might be wondering, what are
radishes? Really? Aren’t those generally
simply a garnish or an afterthought on top
of something? This recipe makes the radish
the highlight of the dish.
It’s easy to make, has a fantastic crunch, is
somewhat sweet, and creamy. To summarize,
this sandwich is fantastic, and radishes are
fantastic. Get down to business.
Antioxidants and minerals like calcium and
potassium abound in pink radishes. These
nutrients work together to lower blood
pressure and lower your risk of heart
disease. The radish is also high in natural
nitrates, which help to increase blood flow.

Serves 2
- 4 large slices of wholemeal seeded bread
- 320g canned tuna steaks in spring water,
- 50g sweetcorn kernels
- 2 tbsp mayonnaise
- 1 punnet micro pink radish
- A pinch of ground black pepper and salt
a) Drain the tuna and combine it with the
sweetcorn in a medium mixing dish.

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