Verda Garden Grow Stack

An Indoor Farm Growing Right In Your Living Room​​

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Verda Garden Grow Stack

An Indoor Farm Growing Right In Your Living Room​​

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Verda Garden Grow Stack’s stackable hydroponic system allows easily increasing growing capacity by adding more vertically stacked trays, maximizing yields in limited spaces.

Up to 200% more yield​ &
Year-Round Growing

Verda Garden’s hydroponic system with optimal LED lighting can increase yields by up to 200% through precise nutrient and environmental control.

Effortlessly grow salad greens, herbs, radishes and cherry tomatoes & more

The combination of the large hydroponic tray that supplies oxygen and specialized automatic lighting enables robust root development and allows the growing of different plant species.

100% Soilless

Growing in soil is inefficient and comes with a plethora of challenges. Verda Garden is a soil-free system that uses less water than traditional soil-based systems and optimally distributes liquid nutrients to each plant’s roots. This allows for a growth speed of up to 2x faster than soil-based methods!


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How it Works?

Verda Garden Modular is built with ease-of-use in mind — to start growing produce, all you’ve got to do is:

add medium and seeds
Add seeds and growing media
Add water and nutrients
Turn on the grow light

Fits Any Home

No need for a terrace or rooftop. Verda Garden Grow Stack fits perfectly into your home, large or small, and is fully adjustable according to your needs and use.

Living room 
Dining area

A technology for Larger yield, Better Taste!​

Cultivate Thriving Veggies with Optimal Lighting

grow light spectrum

Verda Garden Modular comes with a cutting-edge, fully automatic LED grow light that mimics the sun and shines within the most optimal light spectrum for fast and efficient growth

It is a 45-Watt high intensity grow light. It not only produces higher yields compared to other vegetable growing machines, but it also enhances the taste of the vegetables.


Scheduled lighting Auto On and Off: Any duration

Self-watering hydroponics Helps your Plants Breathe

Verda Garden Modular’s smart watering system automatically delivers the perfect amount of water and nutrients, keeping your plants thriving. Its large water reservoir means you only need to refill it every 2-4 weeks, providing worry-free care. The quiet air pump also provides vital oxygen to the root system, further supporting healthy, vibrant plant growth. grow tray offers ample space for plants to spread their roots and thrive. 

Grow Anything!

No longer will weather conditions restrict you to a limited amount of plants. Verda Garden allows you to grow any seed from quite literally anywhere in the world!

Salad greens
Various herbs
Chili peppers, cherry tomatoes
and so much more!

See the amazing results!

You have full freedom to choose any seeds, nutrients, and growing media available on the market. No expensive proprietary refills, no commitments. Your garden, your choice!

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How Much Food Will I Grow With Verda Garden?

9 plants can be grown in one module at the same time. 

Freshness And No More Waste​​

What Our Customer Say?

As a beginner in gardening, the Verda Garden modular system has made it incredibly easy for me to start growing my own food.


I can grow all the herbs I need for my cooking right at home. It's so convenient to just snip off some fresh herbs whenever I'm making a meal


Experience the Joy of Harvesting Vegetables with Your Family

What's inside the box?

  • Grow Shelf (Size: 350 x 270 x 460 mm) 
  • Grow Tray
  • Grow Light
  • 100 mL Nutrient A, 100mL Nutrient B
  • Grow baskets x 12
  • Grow sponges x 12
  • Mizuna seeds x 1 pack (For Hong Kong customer only)

Power: 45Watt, 110-240V (Power cord)

Material: Bamboo, Food Grade ABS

Plug  type avaialble: UK, US, EU, AU

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More User friendly details

Easy water Drainage

Flip cover makes it easy to check roots & add water

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Frequently Asked Questions

Less than USD$5 per month. (Includes the cost of seeds, nutrients, grow medium, and the electricity)

Hydroponics is a safe cultivation method that eliminates the reliance on soil, minimizing the risk of soil-borne diseases and pests. Hydroponic nutrients are carefully formulated to provide plants with essential nutrients, and they are completely safe to use without any toxic properties. By utilizing hydroponic nutrients, you can ensure that your plants receive the necessary elements for healthy growth and development.

The water reservoir is fully sealed, mosquitoes are unlikely to breed. This is in contrast to traditional soil-based cultivation, where mosquitoes can breed in the soil.

Around 30 days.

With herbs and salad greens, you can have a continuous supply of fresh leaves by selectively harvesting without removing the entire plant, ensuring a steady source of fresh herbs and salad.

Yes, you can buy your own seeds for your Verda Garden modular system from garden centers, nurseries, or online seed suppliers.

One-year warranty on grow lights. If any parts malfunction in the future, you can easily contact us for a replacement.

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