The Veggroom Story​​

Grow your own food anywhere! 

Fill your home/indoor space with greenery


隨著科技發展,在家種植新鮮食物已經是人人可以做到的事。Veggroom 的種植產品,令您不用花很多時間管理種植,便能隨時吃到新鮮蔬菜。蔬菜亦是新時代的家居裝飾!

Try Veg-groom and “groom'” your home!

Veggroom 致力推出方便大眾種植蔬菜的產品,適合繁忙的都市人!


Why I started​

Founder's Story​

I have always loved growing food.  I started when I was a kid growing salad greens and herbs hydroponically indoors at my home. Growing vegetables has since become an essential part of my life.

I envision a future city with urban food gardens in every place – your home, an office, a restaurant, a rooftop, a clubhouse, a garden, or any other public space. Interior design and architectural design can be integrated with indoor gardens.  

Combined with renewable energy, fresh food will be grown everywhere in the future, allowing people to enjoy fresh food anytime and anywhere. There will not be food shortages in the future as nutritious fresh produce is easily accessible everywhere.  Carbon footprint will be lessened as transportation of fresh food will not be necessary. The city will be filled with fresh food and greenery!

I want to share my love and passion for smart indoor gardening by making it more convenient, efficient, and accessible for everyone. Grow your own food & Veg-groom everywhere!


Founder & CEO