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Are you passionate about our gardens and our mission? Join us in spreading the word about Veggroom’s Verda Garden Modular and earn commissions while promoting the indoor gardening revolution!

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45-day cookie tracking time

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Are you wondering if you're a good match for our affiliate program?

If you’re a blogger, influencer, YouTube creator, freelancer, or small business with an audience that appreciates interior design, sustainable living, health, beauty, fitness, and utilizing technology to enhance daily activities, then you’re a perfect fit!

VegGroom’s Verda Garden Modular is designed to enable anyone, regardless of their experience level, to grow an array of leafy greens, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers in a sustainable manner. It’s an ideal solution for individuals who are food enthusiasts, nature enthusiasts, and technology enthusiasts, all of whom prioritize beauty and health.

Join us in promoting this innovative indoor gardening system and be a part of the movement towards fresh, homegrown produce year-round.


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With our affiliate program, every sale generated through your custom link for Veggroom will earn you a commission. Payouts are made monthly via PayPal.

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