Our Mission

Veggroom Academy 讓每個人都能輕鬆種植自己的食物,運用創新科技,發揮創意,共建可持續的社區未來。

Farming, with its connection to nature, sense of community, and tangible rewards, is a way of life that can bring profound happiness to those who embrace it.

Our programs

Students/Children Classroom Programs

Interactive Hydroponics, Organic Farming STEAM Classes and more!

Company/Organization Workshop

Certification Courses

Hydroponics and Organic Farming Certification Courses

Regular/ Short workshops

Our teaching approach

Empowering diverse, future-focused skillsets to catalyze sustainable community innovation.


Central to Veggroom Academy's mission is a focus on community impact and addressing real-world issues.
This requires students to develop empathy - the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.
Through projects aimed at solving local problems, students learn to deeply consider the perspectives and needs of their community members.
Empathy fuels the motivation to create meaningful change and fosters a sense of social responsibility in the youth participants.

Training Creativity

The "maker mindset" that Veggroom Academy cultivates is inherently creative, encouraging experimentation, problem-solving, and innovative thinking.
Through design projects, coding, and tinkering with materials, students learn to harness their creativity to develop novel solutions.
This creative skillset empowers youth to be proactive changemakers rather than passive consumers of information.

Emphasis on Aesthetics and the Arts

The artistic and aesthetic aspects of making and design are just as crucial as the scientific and analytical elements. Incorporating art, design, and creative expression allows students to cultivate a comprehensive, well-rounded skillset. Learning principles of visual communication, user experience, and aesthetics equips the youth to create solutions that are not only functional, but also engaging and appealing. Tapping into the arts nurtures students' creativity and emotional intelligence - key ingredients for driving meaningful, long-lasting change.

Technology Focus

Integrating the latest technological tools and innovations is crucial for empowering youth to be effective changemakers in the modern world.
This could involve teaching coding, robotics, data analysis, IOT and even the use of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.
By equipping students with practical tech skills, Veggroom Academy can help them leverage technology to amplify the impact of their maker projects and community initiatives.
We aim to spur creative, outside-the-box thinking in the students.

Science and Analytics

Growing food, designing products, and tackling community challenges all require a strong foundation in relevant sciences - biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, etc.
Veggroom Academy teaches these scientific principles and analytical thinking skills to equip students with the tools to understand complex systems.
By blending hands-on making with scientific rigor, the academy helps students develop well-rounded, evidence-based approaches to problem-solving.

Sensory Learning

By focusing on hands-on activities, Veggroom Academy engages participants' senses - sight, touch, smell, etc. - to create vivid, immersive learning experiences.
This multisensory approach helps cement new skills and knowledge more effectively than passive learning.
Interacting directly with natural elements like soil, plants, and tools allows students to develop a deeper, more embodied understanding of food systems and the natural world.